Waterbed Heaters

Calesco is the pioneer in waterbed heater business and have developed and designed waterbed heaters in Sweden since 1984.

Calesco made the first PTC waterbed hearers in the world and our technical experience ensures high quality and long term reliability. Our heaters are flexible, distribute heat evenly for maximum sleeping comfort and have sensitive heat control/protection against overheating . Calesco provides a number of different heater configurations for the waterbed market worldwide.

Backer Calesco

Backer Calesco is a business unit within Backer AB External link, opens in new window., a subsidiary of NIBE External link, opens in new window. Industries specializing in applications of flexible foil elements providing heat for a wide variety of industries. Calesco offers the widest product range of all flexible foil heater manufacturers in the world.

Our mission is to find an optimal, cost efficient solution for every customer with a need for heating elements. With over 40 years of experience from a diversity of market segments and applications have given us the competence not only to supply a heating element, but to provide a total heating solution.

With production in Sweden, Poland and China and sales office/warehouse in the US, Backer Calesco combines excellent quality with global sourcing for cost competitiveness and efficient logistic solutions.

Backer Calesco is fully registered as a supplier in the Achilles Power & Tech Supply chain management community.

Visit the official Backer Calesco website: www.backercalesco.com External link, opens in new window.


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