PTC Technology

Backer Calesco is an innovation driven company that is involved in many different businesses. The experiences made in automotive, medical and industrial applications have made it possible to develop innovative products with excellent performance also for the waterbed market and has made the waterbed safer and more comfortable.

Positive Temperature coefficient

PTC means Positive Temperature coefficient and is a well-known technology often used thanks to it safe and reliable characteristics. Calesco has developed a system as the first Company in the world for making foil heater with PTC effect for waterbeds.

The CALESCO PTC Waterbed heater has many advantages compared to traditional heaters.

  • They have a self-limiting function
  • Robust design
  • Uniform heating without low power variation
  • No risk for overheating.
  • Insulated bottom side for bottom side for energy efficiency

This all makes the Calesco PTC Waterbed heater a reliable choice for your comfort.

If you also combine the heater with the Calesco digital controller you can limit the overall EMF exposure by using the timer function to shut the heater of completely during night time. The double pole switch in the controller ensures that no current will pass through the heater while the timer is in off position.

Choose Calesco waterbed heater for maximum sleeping comfort


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